Economists don’t know what they’re talking about.

Classical macroeconomic models are in trouble. They have difficulty predicting even the most basic things. As is apparent to anyone who bothers to go back and check the predictions and forecasts that are made by economists they are mostly just random numbers. Not because of bad faith, but because of bad models. In the current […]

A case for online office apps

A friend just sent me his thesis on Business angel networks in Denmark as a word document. I promised to read it through and comment on it before he turns it in some time next week. I’ve spent the last two hours trying to open the damn thing. The core of the problem is apparently […]

Why Google is making an operating system

Today Google announced that they are launching an operating system called Chrome OS. This is a strategically very smart move. Google makes money off the web, their primary source of revenue is adsense which brings in billions of dollars a year. They are quickly diversifying their offerings with google apps, gmail, analytics and a host […]