Why the bubble burst

I remember the heyday of the Internet bubble back in the late 90′s. Champagne, million dollar business plans and irrational exuberance everywhere you looked. Those were the days. But why did the bubble burst ? Were we really that ignorant ? Did the emperor have no clothes on ?br /br /I think that many of […]

Probabilistic classification

Most of us are overwhelmed by information in our professional lives, and we are hard pressed to organise it in a consistent and coherent manner. This is a profound change from 10 years ago, yet we still cling to a hierarchical classification of data. We desperately roam our computers, trying to organise the overflow of […]

Why Danish programmers are the best in the world

A friend of mine was trying to sell one of his companies a few years ago. The company in question collected sportsinformation from various sources, condensed and filtered it, and offered it as an SMS based service to media outlets, so that these could offer their customers up to date sporting information and not have […]