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February, 2009

  1. Getting lucky is hard work

    February 12, 2009 by max

    I have a friend that’s always incredibly lucky. Everything she wants just seems to fall into her lap. When she moved to Copenhagen a few years ago she found an apartment in less than a week. Not just any apartment either, but one that was cheap and located in one of the best Copenhagen neighborhoods. And it’s notoriously hard to get an apartment here, let alone a cheap one. When I asked her how she did it, she told me that she just met some guy in a bar that happened to have an apartment he was letting out.

    I mean how lucky can you get!

    Then I dug a little deeper, and the truth started to materialise. For weeks she had the word out among her friends, had ads in the paper, put up small notes on the streets and asked people on the bus if they happened to have an apartment on their hands they didn’t need. She even went to random bars and chatted with strangers with the explicit goal of finding someone that had an apartment for rent. And eventually she got lucky.

    All I initially heard was the last part of the story where she just met a random stranger and luck fell right into her lap. But of course she was bound to get lucky at some point, she’d worked intensively at it for weeks.

    People often forget how hard it is to get lucky.