March 04, 2005


I just saw that Intel shows off a Mac mini knock-off and tries to get on the heels of Apple in the market for designer computers. No doubt that there is a huge market for designer PC's, hell I wouldn't mind paying a 30% premium if I could get a PC that was as cool as a Mac mini. But it seems to me that Intel has missed the point of a designer computer. If you want to get a share of the market it is not enought to do a cheap rip-off of somebody elses work. (It doesn't look half as cool as the Mac mini) I don't pay a premium for a rip-off of a Louis Vuitton bag either, I get the original. And if I do get a cheap rip-off I get it from a secondrate supplier in a shady corner store that I don't trust. Probably not exactly what Intel wants to be associated with.

The point being that if you want to be in the market for design products there are certain minimum criteria you have to live up to, such as for instance having your own design line. It is not a coincidence that Gucci doesn't produce Louis Vuitton bags and brand them as their own....

If you made it all the way to the end you must have found it interesting.

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